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    Turkey istanbul Tuzla Property Prices

    Turkey istanbul Tuzla Property Prices

    Turkey istanbul Tuzla Property Prices

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    Turkey istanbul Tuzla Property Prices

    Turkey istanbul Tuzla Property Prices ;Tuzla is a district of Istanbul. In 1400, he joined the Ottoman Empire by Yıldırım Beyazıt. The Greeks living in Tuzla were replaced by Turks from Thessaloniki, Kavala, and Drama within the framework of the Lausanne Treaty. In Tuzla, where fishing and farming continued together until the end of the 80s, farming has lost its importance with the development of the industry.
    Today, Tuzla is home to world-famous shipyards. In addition, according to Tuzla Municipality, the F1 runway and Sabiha Gökçen Airport are within Tuzla boundaries. Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty, Infantry School in the northwest and the Naval Academy in the south of Tuzla Cape.

    Turkey istanbul Tuzla Property Prices Population

    The total population living within the borders of Tuzla District is 253,225 as of the general census conducted in 2018. In addition, there is a temporary summer population coming to both recreational facilities and summer houses.
    In addition, it increases the existing population in the summer months in construction workers due to construction. In addition, Tuzla Center, Neighborhood and Village is being built. Especially in the region, which is considered to be the main Tuzla Mevkii, to the south of the railway, there are many housing cooperatives. Apartment For Sale In Tuzla
    Some of these cooperative constructions have been completed and opened to resettlement, and a large part of Tuzla is under construction. The fields that are still vacant in the form of fields and plots are the same. Along with these, especially the Organized Leather Industrial Zone is brought to the borders of our district brings a rapid population growth.

    About Tuzla Location

    In the east of Tuzla, there is Pendik in the west, Pendik in the north and the Marmara Sea in the south. Tuzla has a rugged soil structure. In the south of Tuzla, Tuz Cape forms a large protrusion. The coast of Tuzla is indented and protruding with noses and bays. In the Gulf of Tuzla; There are Mezar Burnu, Dalyan Burnu, Tuz Burnu, Sarp Burnu, South of Tuz Burnu, Umbrella Island, Pirate Island, Fig Island and Ekrembey (Donkey Island).
    In addition, the Cape of Chios and the Cape of Icmeler made a prominent protrusion. Our district is located in the southwest of the Kocaeli Peninsula in the Marmara Region. It is the last point on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. 32 km from Haydarpasa.

    Turkey istanbul Tuzla Property Prices

    Away. Pendik district in the north and west, Gebze district in the east (Kocaeli) south of the Sea of ​​Marmara is located. Our district has an area of ​​eighty-six square kilometers, 13 km. longshore. Tuzla Burnu, the southern endpoint of the district, forms a large protrusion. It is indented and protruding with bays and capes from the shores of Aydıntepe to the center. After Tuzla Bay, Mezar Cape, Mesari Cape, Limon Cape, Dalyan Cape are listed. The most prominent protrusion is Tuzla Cape and Sarp Cape. Umbrella Island, Pirate Island and Fig Island are located to the south of Tuzla Cape.
    Towards the north, the Cape of Chios and the Cape of Icmeler show a prominent protrusion. There is Eşek Island (Ekrem Bey Island) off the Cape of Chios. The coasts are in the form of high shores in the hills close to the sea and generally in the capes, and in the form of low shores in the hills. Tuzla soils are more mountainous than the plains. There are very wide plains near the sea. As you go in, the height increases. The plains lie among the hills in plateaus. In the highest places, the altitude does not exceed 300 meters. Karatepe in Aydınlı is 190 m. Kavastepe 109 m. in height.
    Tuzla Real Estate Prices
    Current real estate prices in Tuzla, which is located in the southernmost part of Istanbul, vary. Turkey’s largest shipyards in the district also host nature and are considered by many housing projects with different coasts. 13 km of coastline, increasing transportation facilities, the city’s crowds and noise from the location of the district, which is admired, especially among the centers for investment is among the centers.
    There are many alternatives for transportation from Tuzla to central Istanbul. You can easily reach to centers such as Kadıköy, Bostancı by İETT or Özel Halk buses. You can go to Kadıköy via Pendik, Kartal, Maltepe, and Şehirtepe by the railway which is renewed within the scope of Marmaray.
    The railway comes to the fore as an alternative, especially for those who are suffocated by traffic and want to use a more comfortable public transport. With the changing sea bus services throughout the year, it is possible to travel to both Bostancı and Yalova. All of these transportation facilities play a major role in current real estate pricing in Tuzla.
    Turkey istanbul Tuzla Property Prices Concept Gayrimenkul
    Current real estate prices in Tuzla, which departed from Pendik in 1992 with the decision of the Council of Ministers, are increasing after recent investments. Universities and important high schools in the district also affect the real estate sector. 1 + 1 flats for sale in Tuzla starting from 125.000 TL. Considering that these apartments are rented from at least 575 TL, the depreciation period of the district is calculated as 21 years.
    However, due to the investments made in the district and the developing transportation conditions, the investments can gain much value before the expected time. 2 + 1 apartments in the district for sale from 145.000 TL is offered for sale. However, due to the proximity of the houses to the transportation roads, their location to the sea and the additional features provided by the buildings, these prices may rise up to 340,000,000 TL. 3 + 1 apartment for sale prices vary between 175.000 TL and 1.050.000 TL.
    Due to the universities in the district, especially preferred by students for 1 + 1 rental apartments prices starting from 575 TL, these prices offered by the buildings smart features, pool, sauna, extra facilities, proximity to transport routes and up to 1,750 TL according to the distance to the sea tactics. Likewise, 2 + 1 apartment rents vary between 600 TL and 2.500 TL.

    Turkey istanbul Tuzla Property  and real estate prices

    Furnished 2 + 1 apartment prices starting from 2.500 TL. 3 + 1 rental apartment prices vary between 800 TL and 3.000 TL. 4 + 1 apartments in the district can be rented from at least 1,500 TL. Especially preferred villa rental prices in Tuzla starting from 2.500 TL. Villa’s size of the garden, the distance to the sea, site service, such prices according to features such as pool up to 10,000 TL.
    For apartments for rent in Tuzlada and apartments for sale in Tuzlada you can visit our website.”Tuzla apartment for sale” all rights to this article belong to Concept Real Estate Consulting.It cannot be used or published in any way without permission…

    Tuzla new housing projects

    Şahsuvaroğlu Ambiyans Tuzla housing project The project, which was built with the guarantee of Şahsuvaroğlu Group in Istanbul Tuzla district, is located on a land area of ​​18 thousand square meters in total.

    In the project designed from 253 residences, there are 42 AMBIANS BAZAAR commercial areas. There are 1 + 1 type, 2 + 1 type, 3 + 1 type, 4 + 1 type and 5 + 1 duplex type apartments in the project. The size of the houses in the project, which is located as 8 blocks, varies between 68 square meters and 300 square meters.

    Our project is immediately available to the owners and presented to your liking. You can reach us on 0216 494 0 900 or 0530 238 22 66 for appointment and information.

    Şahsuvaroğlu Tuzla Ambience apartment price information for sale

    1 + 1 type flats in the project are between 352 thousand TL and 357 thousand TL, 2 + 1 type flats are between 526 thousand TL and 651 thousand TL, 3 + 1 type flats are between 798 thousand TL and 955 thousand TL, 4 + 1 type flats are sold at prices between 1 million 334 thousand TL to 1 million 500 thousand TL and 5 + 1 duplex type flats are sold at prices between 1 million 700 thousand TL to 1 million 900 thousand TL.

    In the project, it is possible to own a house by paying in advance or by using a bank loan with an interest rate of 0.64.

    Şahsuvaroğlu Ambiyans Tuzla housing project social facilities

    There are some socially equipped areas in the housing project. Our project has various socially equipped features such as an outdoor pool, playgrounds for our children, our fitness center and an indoor car park.

    Our elevator project is ready for you with built-in white goods. The project also includes a balcony, cellar area. In the project where building inspection service and ground survey has been done, earthquake, heat and sound insulation has been built in accordance with the current regulation.

    What are the current prices of ambiance in Tuzla?

    Our project, which is built in a location where you can reach public transportation facilities very easily, is located close to Tuzla State Hospital, E5 environment and Highway. Tuzla Via port Marina is 5 minutes away, the project is just a walking distance from the metro line and the stops.

    For all information and appointments related to our project, just click HERE and fill in the form. You can visit our website for our Şahsuvaroğlu Tuzla ambiance rental apartment ads.


    Service fee (commission-real estate agent fee etc.) is not collected from our sales.


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